First used in Australia back in the late 60s, powder coating has quickly become one of the most popular alternatives to traditional paint coatings. This type of surface finishing uses a dry powder applied electrostatically as a coating. The part is then typically cured in an oven to form a solid finish. Powder coating not only looks great, but it also lasts longer while providing protecting from harmful corrosion.

Coloring Options

Another advantage to standard paint jobs is the coloring options available with a powder coating finish. When it comes to your choice of color or finish style, the only limit is your imagination. This method also provides a greater control over the final thickness than traditional methods. With no solvents to evaporate, powder coating eliminates the primary cause of imperfections on finishes.

Why We Do It Better

Wehrli Custom Powder Coating is housed under the same roof as Wehrli Custom Fabrication. This has Enabled us to provide exceptional turn around time and Quality Control of our Finished Fabricated Components. Housing a Curing Oven 20′ in length and 8′ wide allows us to Powder coat items of all sizes. Below is Pictures of our Most Popular Colors that we nearly always have in stock. if your looking for something one of a kind or different, visit PrismaticPowder.com and choose from over 5000 different colors.

Orange & Purple Colors Labeled
Red Colors Labeled
Black & Gray Colors Labeled
Blue Colors Labeled
Green Colors Labeled
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