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Has your 6.0L left you stranded on the road? Does its performance seem to be deteriorating? Look no further for help- Wehrli Custom Fab is your one stop shop for Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel Repair and Performance! From oil changes and additives to full engine service and rebuilds we have you covered. Our 6.0L “Bulletproof Job” address’s all of the faults commonly associated with these engines, not just the mainstream ones heard about online and in literature. Each job is tailored to what you do with your truck, and plan to do with it down the road. Head studs, injectors, turbos, fuel system, upgraded high pressure oiling systems, exhaust, and electronic performance are just some of what we can do for you! Call us today to learn more about what we offer, with any questions or to get on the schedule!

Common Problems with the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke

The 6.0L Powerstroke, while revolutionary at the time of its introduction, is an engine that has created considerable problems for Ford. In fact, this engine has been recalled numerous times for a variety of reasons. Since the engine was first introduced in 2003, many owner have had these issues addressed, but we still see a considerable amount of trucks coming in for repair and performance issues. Some of these issues may have already been addressed on your truck by the previous owner or through a recall. But, we have put together a list of the common problems we have dealt with for this model engine.

  • EGR and EGR Coolers – the exhaust gas re-circulation valves and coolers are one of the more common problems we see with this engine. The cause of the problem is often soot buildup in the cooler. This can eventually clog the valves, causing an excessive heat buildup, actually boiling the coolant. The most common warning sign you will see for this is white smoke from the exhaust.
  • High Pressure Oil Pump – regardless of the performance of the engine, this is a “wear” part that will need to be replaced as some point. Originally, problems ranged from complete failure to leaking seals.
  • ICP and IPR Sensors – the injection control pressure sensor and injection pressure regulator control the oil pump and pressure system. The original parts often failed and needed replacement. This is generally an easy fix with upgraded manufacture parts.
  • Oil Cooler Failure– we often see this problem when the oil/coolant are not being changed according to the recommended schedule, or using a low-quality oil.
  • Oil Rail System – yet another oil pressure system experiencing leaking issues. This could cause the engine to outright stall or run roughly.
  • Performance – if you have already had your Power Stroke modified, it is possible the proper combination of parts were not used. The stock engine is capable of much more power than it has coming from the factory, so using the proper equipment and tuning during the modification is essential.

Wehrli Custom Fab & Diesel is well-educated in all common problems found with the Ford Power Stoke 6.0 and can have your engine running perfectly in no time at all. Our team will evaluate your engine as well as how you are using your truck and present you with a rebuild/service plan to correct all faults the 6.0L Powerstroke faces.

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