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EFI Live Tuning

Do you need to turn your street truck into a pulling machine? Is your current truck lacking in power? Our EFI Live Tuning specialist, Nick Priegnitz of Duramaxtuner.com is the man you need to see!

What is EFI Live?

In its simplest terms, EFILive is a tuning tool to measure and adjust the data of your engine to fine tune your horsepower to its desired settings. This is the tool virtually every professional drag racer and sled puller driving a GMC, Chevrolet, or Cummins Powered Rams is using. But, the tool is not only for professional racers, as it is also used by specialists to fine tune street trucks to increase power for a variety of purposes.

Efi Live Tuning with Motorops by Wehrli Custom FabricationWhy You Need an EFI Live Tuner

Is the tune safe? This is what you really need to know after adjusting the data to increase horsepower in your truck. Without this tool, the truck may feel as though it has increased power, but the pulse width and timing may actually be off. Using a specialist trained on EFILive ensures these problems are found, fixed, and the engine is safe.

What Happens When I Don’t Need All That Power?

Gasoline is expensive, and we realize you may not want your engine guzzling gas when you don’t really need all that power. Luckily, with EFILive, you are able to change your engine tune with a simple flick of the switch. In other words, you can have all the power you will need when you are getting ready to put your boat in the water or towing heavy equipment, but you can also save power and money when you are using the truck to simply drive around town.

Efi Live Tuning with Cummins by Wehrli Custom FabricationWhat Do I Need for More Horsepower?

Wehri Custom will outline a package that will work with your budget and needs. Obviously, tuning the engine for more horsepower cannot be done until the proper modifications have been made to your engine. Unless the engine has already been modified, you are going to need fueling and turbo modifications for the added horsepower. Once these needs have been addressed, Nick can make horsepower modifications you need for increased power.

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