Air to Water Inter coolers

Air to Water Intercooler Cores are one of the most efficient ways to cool the intake air temperature before it enters the engine. Most commonly used in drag racing and truck pulling applications, this style inter cooler can cool the turbo compressor outlet air (400-650°) to ambient air temperature (50-90°), which will increase horsepower and extended the lifespan of engine components.

Wehrli Custom Fabrication can custom build an inter cooler to your specific needs. With many options available in core sizes, inlets and outlets, and flange styles. For extreme boost applications we use 1/4″ thick aluminum tank ends welded internal and external with additional bracing along the seams. All inter coolers are pressure tested for leaks before and after welding to ensure the utmost reliability and performance.

Contact us and we can quote you a custom cooler for your application.