CP3 Conversion with Pump

CP3 Conversion Kit with 10mm CP3


CP3 Conversion w/ 10mm

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LML CP3 Conversion Kit with 10mm CP3 Pump

The factory High Pressure CP4.2 Pump on 2011 and newer Duramax’s has been known to be a problematic component. Fuel or water contamination can ruin the pumps internals very quickly leading to metal debris through the entire fuel system. When these pumps fail it can lead to very costly repair jobs usually including all new Injectors, Sensors, and full cleaning of the fuel tank and all fuel lines. Any truck that is used in a performance application and or no longer under warranty we strongly recommend replacing the pump with the more robust CP3 pump, used on older generation Duramax’s. This Kit includes the Installation Kit and a 10mm Exergy Performance Stroker CP3 pump. The 10mm CP3 pump will support up to 850 rear wheel HP. This kit fits 2011-2016 Duramax’s and are IN STOCK ready to ship same day.

WCFab offered one of the first CP3 Conversion kits to the market several years ago. Because of this, and several hundred kits being sold since its introduction, we have been able to improve our product thru customer feedback and R&D which offers the best overall fitting, and most complete kit on the market.

Note: This kit is for Competition Use only, the EGR must be removed.

Contents of Kit:

-Exergy Performance 10mm Stroker CP3 Pump

-Billet Machined CP3 Mount Bracket with Stainless Hardware (Other kits on the market use an OEM mount bracket, which is cast and can break easily on install)

-Custom Bent High Pressure Fuel Line

-Stainless High Pressure Rail Fitting

-Stainless High Pressure Rail Plugs and Nuts

-High Quality Low Pressure Fuel Feed and Return Lines

-Fuel Line Clamps

-Stainless Fuel Feed and Return Barb Fittings with Seal Washers




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